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  • 4 Smart Sales Cel mai simplu și cel mai eficient CRM pentru controlul procesului de vânzări

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We hate it or we love it, we fight and make up over and over again, sometimes using it to solve all of our problems, and other times we feel that it is the one causing our problems.

A CRM generally encompasses a multitude of attributes and specifications: leads, contact data, filters, pieces of information more or less useful, but chiefly more or less USED.

Therefore, we sometimes aren’t able to cross the fine line between marketing and sales, to forget or to bypass the very essence of the SALE process. We have just created, and it is already fully operational, 4SMART sales: a software for "Sales Funnel Management", which through its extremely simple and efficient concept itself helps us focus exclusively on the process, stages, timing and tracking of the performance of your sales team.

What does this CRM offer as opposed to a classical CRM?

Monitoring in real time the sales progress for each Prospect.

Real-time evaluation of performance by phase of each member of the team.

Identification of weak/strong points of each team member.

Identification of training needs of each member of the sales team.

Possibility to create a synergy inside the sales team by combining the qualities of each member of the team.

Monthly subscription at affordable prices.

Possibility to use scorecard to reward the sales team with bonuses.

Real-time reports.

Extremely user-friendly for any user.

Full security of information.

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